Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's Time for a Change!

In line with our theme for the July issue of Candy, each of the editors had to make a change. For me, it was making the switch from having my hair straightened to loving my naturally curly locks. My hair has gone through cycles, which is perhaps symbolic of the different stages of my life. In grade school, I kept my thick, curly hair tied back in a ponytail. In high school, I had half my hair chopped off and sported a short ‘do. When I was in third year college, I discovered the miracle of rebond and I had my hair straightened every year for the next four years.

A few months ago, when our beauty editor Jennie joined the Candy team, she kept telling me that I should stop straightening my hair and start loving my natural curls. So when we brainstormed for the July issue and came up with the “It’s time for a change!” theme, she eagerly jumped at the chance to give me a makeover—which also includes makeup tips. (She got mad at me for having the wrong shade of face powder but that’s another story.)

Anyway, I finally agreed and it turned out pretty well, thanks to Jen, Ines, and the staff of Piandre. It took a bit of getting used to, and believe me, it's not so easy to maintain, but it's all good.

Here's what I looked like with straight hair back in 2004...

...and now with curly hair. Which look do you like better?

The reason I decided to write about this experience after such a long hiatus from blogging is because it coincides with all the changes I’ve gone through this year. As I’ve learned, it’s tough to go through changes—whether it’s as small as switching dermatologists or as big as getting a boyfriend. I've also decided to try Multiply for awhile since I can blog and post all my photos at the same time. (Check out my site at I'll probably be posting there from now on. But I love this site too—it has served its purpose well for a year so I'm still keeping it.) But as the saying goes, change is a necessary part of life—and I’m all the happier because of it.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Angels Brought Me Here

"It's been a long and winding journey, but I'm finally here tonight..."
—Guy Sebastian

Our trek of Mt. Pinatubo began just as the sun was peeking over the horizon. After having boarded the bus at 11:30 pm the night before and arriving in Capas, Tarlac at the ungodly hour of 3:00 am, the jeep dropped us off at the jump off point. Though our weary bodies craved sleep, we had no choice but to unload our bags as the jeep could go no further due to the softness of the sand. Though the wind was chilly, we started walking as the bright lights of a group of 4x4 vehicles zoomed past us. They whipped out their cameras and took pictures of us—an odd group of mountaineers walking steadily with heavy backpacks—as if they were in an African Safari and we were a herd of wild animals who happened to pass by.

The road of sand and rocks stretched mercilessly before us. All around us were astounding fomations of hard ash and lush vegetation that have grown over the years since the volcano last erupted. It's been said that the mountain's terrain changes every few years as sun, wind, and rain continually beat down on its already weathered surface.

Along the way, we passed by aetas living in the nearby areas. Some children asked for bread, while others merely smiled and gazed curiously as we walked past.

The trek was a relaxed and relatively easy one. Unlike in our previous training climbs, we were able to stop and rest at our leisure. We took time to admire the scenery, pose for pictures, and breathe in our surroundings. Numerous streams, both big and small, snaked their way across our path and provided a cool respite against the sun's burning rays.

The final stretch to the summit was tough. The heat had slowly siphoned our last remaining reserves of energy, yet our destination still seemed so far away.

But taking the final step was worth it as we beheld a view that literally took our breath away.

After having Mardel's infamous Patatim and Niel's mixed vegetables for lunch, most of us took a brief siesta to make up for the previous night's lack of sleep. When it was cool enough, we trekked down to the crater lake and took a dip in its chilly waters, not quite believing that below the surface was a deep chasm where burning ash and lava once churned and boiled till it was ready to explode.

We prepared our dinner, ate, drank, laughed, and talked endlessly as the sun finally succumbed to the night and allowed a blanket of stars to shine above us.

After a delicious breakfast the next morning, the group took some final shots and bid Pinatubo goodbye.

AMCI B2K5 in Pinatubo

Bajay, Loree, Maida, me, Roland, and Angie strike a final pose.

special thanks to Mardel and Roland for the beautiful pictures

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kute Kids

Don't get me wrong. I am in no hurry AT ALL to have kids of my own (I'll get a dog first!). That's why I like "borrowing" other people's kids—I can return them when they start acting up. Hahaha! Seriously though, I love kids 'cause they always make me smile and they keep me young at heart (Isip bata? Hehe!). When they're this cute, how can you resist them?

Meet Chesca, my very cute inaanak! I think she'll be very popular with the boys when she grows up. (Mana sa Ninang eh! Hahaha!)

Say hello to Nick—my Auntie Vanessa's adorable baby boy! He is the sweetest and most well-behaved baby. He goes with anyone who wants to carry him (in other words, madaling ma-kidnap! Hehehe!).

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wheel of Fortune

I got these posts from two separate e-mails that were sent to me. I'm not a hardcore believer of horoscopes and the like, but it's pretty interesting to read what my fortune will be, especially since I was born on the year of the dog. It will also be cool to read this a year from now just to see how much of it came true! I highlighted the sections that apply to me, but I posted the whole thing so you can read your fortune too. Enjoy!

Year Of The Dog

The year of the Dog begins on the new moon of January 29th, 2006. (Chinese new year begins on the second new moon after winter solstice.) Dog year is a time of fairness and equality. Controversial issues are given their due, revolutions are successful, politics are liberal, and social oppression is opposed. Integrity and honesty are the values that lead to success under Dog's watchful and just influence.

People born in Dog years (1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) possess the admirable qualities of loyalty and integrity. They empathize with the underdog, and champion fairness and rights for all. Honest and trustworthy, Dog people make excellent friends and will always take your side. They have an innate sense of fair play and honor their commitments. Dogs won't hesitate to make sacrifices for the people they love and the causes they believe in. Only a Dog will loyally stand by when others have abandoned a cause. Dogs prefer to live an impeccable life, filled with principles and dignity, always willing to be a crusader for noble ideology.

Direct and frank, a person born in Dog year does not pay much attention to superficial details and has little patience for frivolity. Yet they like to be spontaneous. They prefer to react to rather than plan for a situation. They are extremely loyal in partnership and do not lightly consider having an affair. Because of this dedication, Dogs can be quite selective in the beginning stages of courtship. But when Dogs fall in love, they fall hard! They are hot-blooded and emotional, and feel all things very deeply.

One challenging trait for Dog people is that they can, at times, be judgmental or extreme, acting as if color blind and only seeing issues as either black or white. Others are either friend or foe, good or bad, right or wrong. But Dog people's quick intelligence help them to jump to the right conclusion. By applying their keen senses, Dogs can avoid problems. Dog correlates to the Western sign Libra.


Rat: Spontaneous Dog and planner Rat are very different, so anticipate some minor conflicts this year. Rat's individuality may be curtailed because it is best to comply with the wishes of the majority. Don't overthink or fret about small issues, and avoid a pessimistic or critical attitude in relationships. The spotlight will be on you in Rat year 2008 when you will start a new life cycle.

Ox: Stay strong and steady this year. Problems with others can be resolved through honest communication and attention to duty, and Ox is known for attention to duty. At times life may seem that as soon as one issue is resolved, another problem arises. But no challenge is so overwhelming that powerful Ox cannot handle it properly.

Tiger: Strong Dog and brave Tiger are best friends (along with Horse) so expect a superb year. Tiger experiences much fun, social success, and a great year for marriage and having a child. Work is also successful with good investments and fortunate enterprise. Tiger might even find devotion to a cause under Dog's idealistic influence.

Hare: Expect a pleasant and lively year because Dog is Hare's friend and defender. Recovery from the previous Phoenix (Rooster) year difficulties is foreseen, but career still requires attention. Sensitive Hare benefits by being diplomatic, which is Hare's strongest trait. A favorable year for romance and marriage, as is next year 2007 Boar year.

Dragon: Mighty Dragon could experience an uncomfortable year because Dog is opposite Dragon. So time to lay low, or as low as Dragon can. Plans could be delayed, there could be challenges manifesting your dreams, and people seem contrary. Dragon benefits by cultivating the Dog qualities of practicality and realism, which are not Dragon traits. Not a favorable year for marriage.

Serpent: Dog and Serpent are on different wavelengths, so anticipate problems concerning values, viewpoints, and ideologies. But if wise Serpents keep their opinions and insights private, and not draw attention to these problems, much can be accomplished. Dog year can be a time for new endeavors as possibilities for advancement materialize.

Horse: Expect an exemplary year because Dog and Horse are great friends. Horses can succeed in business and academics and accomplish goals. Important and influential people offer guidance and opportunities for advancement. A great year for marriage, children, travel, or a new home. Luck is with you.

Sheep: Issues could arise from neglect and lack of support from family and friends so be stronger and more independent this year. And don't become overly involved with the problems of others. Leave the rescuing to the Dogs and avoid co-dependence. Sheep does best to remain neutral and avoid rushing in to help those who will not appreciate Sheep's sacrifice. Consider taking care of yourself instead.

Monkey: No-nonsense Dog sets the tone for this year, so not a time for risks, new endeavors, or wild Monkey schemes. Don't let Dog's pessimistic attitude darken your usually sunny disposition. If your energy is diminished, care must be taken with health. Financial difficulties can result if Monkeys overextend, so play it safe and a bit more conservative than usual.

Phoenix (Rooster): Good fortune continues from the previous Phoenix year with opportunities for a new home, career advancement, and travel. Socializing, good times, and enjoyment prevail. Financial difficulties can be circumvented because Dog's influence offers Phoenix the qualities of honesty and integrity.

Dog: Dogs benefit greatly from the influence of their own year. Endeavors are successful, career achievements are attained. and the political climate is perfect for Dog's altruistic sensibilities. Outstanding time for marriage, children, falling in love, and travel. Political involvement brings rewards.

Boar: Expect a comfortable year of stability and security. Affairs are in order, although not many new opportunities for advancement are foreseen. So enjoy life and relax. Moderation is key. Next year 2007 will be the Boar year when you will begin a new fortunate twelve-year life cycle.


ARIES: New Year 2006 is a great year for love and romance. From January to March, someone who completely demands your respect will attract a good portion of your attention. Suddenly, you'll be willing to suspend all rules, clean up your act and go out of your way to prove how honorable your intentions are—just to ensure that you end up with the pleasure of their long-term company.

You may need to make a major decision regarding your job in the year 2006, due to two eclipses, classic harbingers of change. The first eclipse during mid-March, will show you on the road and may make you restless to start looking for other options. By the time the second eclipse comes in late September, you'll be completely ready to pack out your desk. Make sure of your next step before you burn any contacts.

2006 may just hold the ultimate love story for you! A fast and wonderful love affair takes up most of your time this year. Old flames may make it hard for you to break free and escape with your new love. Family and friends won't be any more understanding either. It's the chance of a lifetime to find ultimate happiness with your prince charming. Follow your heart not directions from others!

Major decisions will come easily to you by December, and you won't have to worry about any repercussions either. By New Year 2007, the changes will completely surprise you. Regardless of where you end up—or with whom—rest assured that this will be a year to remember and that everything will be just fine in the end.

LIBRA: Librarians are born peacemakers. You're always the mediator no matter who is fighting or what they're fighting over. But be cautious in New Year 2006 because you are standing up for yourself, putting yourself first, and giving more consideration to your own issues than helping everyone else with theirs.

Libra is the sign of the general; more generals are born under this sign than any others! During 2006 if you plan to work with partners and other significant people, you will definitely benefit financially. Some Librans may also find their prince charming or princesses sitting on big goldmines. Your focus will be completely on getting all your finances together and adding new feathers to your hat! Stick to it and it will happen!

In New Year 2006, even when you're behind the scenes, you're still the one calling the shots. Your guy or your best friend may be the one in the spotlight, but you're the one backstage working the lights.

Your friends, will be honest with you in 2006. Not that you won't make new friends or that your family won't be honest with you, but when your friends tell you something important (and sometimes hard), pay attention. Financially New Year 2006 is not a fruitful year. But the positive part is you are great in organizing things and you'll perfectly balance your finances also.

TAURUS: During the early part of the New Year 2006 from January through March—you will travel a lot. Adventure is on your cards, with your partner on your side. And if you're single, you are going to meet someone on this travel road.

Career matters will take an upswing during the first part of the New Year, due to a positive influence, and advice of a female figure or an elder. Trust the loving, experienced people all around you. They won't lead you off track.

Your desires have the perfect New Year for achievement and realization. This is the year when the stubbornness in your nature will be rewarded. You may purchase a new home, start your own business or get the perfect job. Follow your dreams with determination and by June you will see how far you have come!

The last months of the New Year will arrive with some big changes for you, most likely involving the improvement of joint finances and new developments in your intimate partnerships. You will start to feel quite positive from New Year's Eve, and this happy spirit is here to stay for a long time ahead.

SCORPIO: Scorpions won't easily forget 2005, for a host of mostly positive reasons, and 2006 will be much the same. In fact, right from the start—thanks to a burst of energy straight from Jupiter—you'll be active, busy and amazingly passionate. The best part is that just about everyone will be not only open to your ideas, but also eager and anxious to know what's on your mind and in your heart. In New Year 2006 your choices romantically are numerous. People will not be able to resist your charms or the Scorpio magnetism! Play the field and don't jump into commitment so fast. Have complete knowldege about your future romantic partners before committing. If you are not cautious you can get stung later on.

The first two months, you are at your charming best. You'll be able to talk anyone into anything—even though you've already tried and failed in the past. Basically, you'll be logically lethal until the middle of March; even then, the odder the situation, the easier it will be for you to present it to anyone and everyone as perfectly normal. You will be able to manage your finances with quite ease for most of 2006 and your superiors will just love you and your work.

During September and October, be carful with your personal relationships. A simple and casual flirtation can develop into something far more serious during this time. If you're already attached to someone joyfully, express your feelings with much more intensity. Your partner will be simply delighted to see you open up and share your inner most and deepest feelings and thoughts and share their own, as well.

GEMINI: Balancing your career and domestic life are the two most important things on yur mind this New Year. The eclipses of New Year 2006 highlight your sectors of public standing, career, home, and family, suggesting that it's time for a bit of a shake-up in these areas.

New Year 2006 for most Gemini's is a year where you will be more outspoken and listened to. you will receive all the attention of the world. You will take accurate decisions, taking 2006 in your stride completely.

Uranus is square your Sun (or Ascendant) the first three months of the year. There will be alterations in your lifestyle that can be quite significant, and new directions in terms of your goals. A strong need for independence marks this period of the year. Life takes a roll in 2006 allowing you to take risks, make certain changes, and walk on paths that you haven't even thought of before. You are spirited and spunky this New Year 2006.

By the starting of May, your focus will completely be on your home and family and also on your career as the South Node moves along your family zone, indicating your contention to be at home. With the North Node taking the top postion in your solar chart, it is the best time to move forward and take a leap in your career and public front.

By November, Jupiter moves by your work zone, health, and your daily routines. It is a good time to start on a new job or project. Also the nature and breadth of your everyday activities and routines expand under this influence. Things are looking up for you and the job front improves majorly. With Uranus and Jupiter giving a boost, this New Year will see major improvements in your working conditions and other significant advancements.

By December 2006, Jupiter highlights partnership, offering you the chance to find joy in a special somebody, whether that's an existing sweetheart or a new one. Your loneliness will end and by 2007 you will have somebody walking along with you. By the second half of November, Jupiter crosses your Descendant giving you an opportunity to attract a partner.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians are singing all together a new song. You'll amaze even yourself with the changes you'll make in the New Year 2006! While all the other zodiac signs work hard and toil away this New Year, you take it easy altogether. A decision to follow your dreams may take you to distant lands, foreign countries, even back to school where you'll quench your eternal thirst for learning!

You'll be able to manage your finances with complete ease and self control on this New Year. When during January, February and March many events will be highlighted, you will be able to find their silent indication towards a particular direction and improve your life thereon. You'll safeguard your personal integrity even more rapidly through your world-famous, up-front honesty.

For Sagittarians 2006 means tying the knot. So if you are already committed to someone then marriage is surely on your cards. Or you can meet someone special that will develop into a serious relationship this year.

CANCER: Highlights of the New Year 2006 for you include a supportive trine from electric Uranus, Jupiter moving through your sector of romance and pleasure, and activation of your communication sectors by the Nodes and the year's eclipses. 2006 balances all work events perfectly for you. A brighter and prosperous welcomes you in 2006. A new love interest may develop which in time will change into a long-term relationship. The challenge is that you will be haunted by a past love interest. Learning to let go and begin again is not a Cancer strong point! Letting go of a past relationship that hadn't worked out will be hard.

Changes are on the cards as you will begin handling everyday matters differently. Stimulating changes to your routine stem from a desire for a bit more freedom in your life—a shift in your thinking patterns that has the effect of broadening your life experiences. You now enjoy increased popularity and make new acquaintance. This New Year 2006, you can safely expect the unexpected and feel quite peaceful doing so, simply because opportunities that seem to come "out of the blue" are fortunate ones.

In 2006, you project yourself more confidently, happily and positively. You are at your most attractive in the second half of July, when Venus aligns with your Sun (or Ascendant), and especially near the end of October and into the first few days of November, when Venus trines your Sun (Ascendant) and moves through your sector of romance and pleasure. The months of October and November are very important and meaningful for you. As Venus and Mars align together, your romantic life takes a quick turn on the positive side. And if you are single and unattached, you are bound to strike up a connection.

You should be cautious between December 24, 2005 to February 3, 2006 specially in matters related to close partnerships and major purchases. April and May can be especially active months for you, as Mars aligns with your Sun (or Ascendant) and the eclipse at the end of March energizes you. This year the focus is on public and professional matters. The need to buckle down on a financial level is in order in this New Year 2006, but this is likely to come easily to you and provides you with a satisfied feeling of being in control of your finances.

CAPRICORN: When a door closes, a window opens in its place. Look carefully. You come in the limelight as influential people see your potential helping you in fulfilling your ideas and goals this New Year. Sort out your credit card bills and avoid all vague schemes presented to you. In fact, keep a tab on all your financial matters. You should be extra cautious this New Year!

New Year 2006 is a spectacular year for you. Everyone will be proud of you. And though you are a little shy of the spotlight, you'd better get used to it, as you are a star this year and will be on the hot seat for the whole of 2006.

You began working hard to achieve your professional goals (especially that reputation for fairness and benevolence) around late summer 2005. You will be surrounded by praises by your co-workers and seniors for your hard work and significant efforts put by you. But 2005 was really just practice—2006 is your year to shine.

In other news, you'll also have plenty of romantic opportunities to pursue this year. All in all, life will be good, thanks to your number one squeeze—and you've certainly earned it. Put back your head and relax. Take pride in the labor put by you and start a fantastic New Year with your loved ones. And as you begin this wonderful year, go out there and spread your blessings all around.

LEO: You're out for a real, honest-to-goodness emotional connection this New Year 2006. That's first and foremost on your priority list. Fortunately, when it comes to prospective partners, you know what you like and, more importantly, what you don't like -- and during 2006, your perceptive abilities will be especially keen. As the New Year progresses, your relationship will deepen bringing you two very close. Your attachment with your partner will increase and love will blossom around you. You may even get married by the end of the year.

Career matters will come in the forefront this year 2006. You'll be working hard and you'll definitely see some serious rewards. There would be higher-ups in charge of your paycheck and your professional future followed by the raise, promotion or bonus you've been aiming for. By the end of the year you may as well become a significant authority figure.

2006 brings forward many new challengs pushing you to new heights. There will be times when you must get up and go to work when you really don't want to and that will probably be the day you get a promotion. Making yourself do things when you'd rather not will be rewarded this year.

AQUARIUS: New Year 2006 begins on a serious note for you. Financial extravagance will be an issue this New Year 2006. In 2005 you have been quite disciplined in money matters and that will come handy this New Year.

There will be unexpected expenses too, like car repairs, home repairs or dear friends with urgent financial problems. Don't be taken back if you receive a surprise call, email or visit announcing that some loved one needs help. Make sure that you are actually helping them, and not taking them down some dangerous or negative path.

New Year 2006 brings the best out in you. As you attract new relationships and interesting friendships that reflect your newfound interests, you have little time or patience for anyone who wants to dominate your time and who is an egomaniac. Your friendships and relationships will bloom this New Year 2006 and take you to new heights.

VIRGO: This year offers you an opportunity to meet your better half or someone very special. Eclipses across your first and seventh solar houses suggest a strong focus on close personal relationships. Seeking out a partnership or perfecting the one you are in is on the agenda in New Year 2006.

2006 finds you falling madly in love with someone very unique and different than the type of person you usually go for. It is and will be a dynamic relationship, unavoidable and fascinating. It will shake you out of old grooves and predictable behavior patterns and frankly make you chirpy and happy!

The time between December 24, 2005 to February 3, 2006 is a time when you should be cautious about making purchases, taking financial risks and take your love life slowly. The time between October 28-November 18th is when communication problems can crop up, so it's advisable to keep all your paperwork in order and all important documents ready.

You are especially mentally alert and busy this New Year 2006, and opportunities to travel or simply move about can present themselves. This year you widen your social circle, update your skills, improve your communication skills, advertise, publish, and write more this year.

New Year 2006 should prove to be an exciting, busy, and fruitful year. Your life seems to speed up in 2006, and as it does, you find that you lose some of your skepticism, cautiousness, and fear of taking risks. This New Year you are finding all new ways to express yourself, making all awe in admiration.

PISCES: Things are very bright in the year 2006. One of the things that matters most to Pisceans is keeping your promises. In 2006 your commitment will be most important. A friend will come to rely on you for something very important.

At the same time—and straight through mid-March—you'll also find that several high-ranking, influential coworkers and authority figures will be looking to you to follow through on your word. They may even need a bit more of a commitment from you. Sit tight, do everything exactly as you know you should and prepare to experience a wonderful feeling: well-earned, justified pride in yourself.

Your luck shine brightly on you in New Year 2006. As Jupiter shines down on your sign, you slip out of the most difficult and sticky of situations. Be careful while making new friends. Look out for any negative vibes that develop. The friends and companions you make in 2006 will stay with you for a long time to come.

Traveling is on your cards this 2006. You'll get opportunities for long-distance traveling and if you can work out to make any of them a successful reality don't pass it up.

By the end of the year, your relationship with someone special will go up to new heights. And around the New Year you'll realize that you've got everything you could possibly wish for!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year!

Oh my God!!! I can't believe January is almost over! It seems as if the New Year has just begun, and yet a whole month has passed already! Anyway, I meant to post this earlier, but it's okay. Abot pa naman ako sa Chinese New Year. Hehehe. (My dad says the right term is Lunar New Year because they follow the lunar calendar, and it's not just the Chinese who follow it but the Muslims as well.) So, before the past year truly ends, I want to share some of the things I'm thankful for in 2005.

The Gift of Friendship. Last year, I really nurtured my relationships with people. I had countless lunches, dinners, coffee dates, and bonding sessions with my friends, both old and new. They helped me to let go and move on at the beginning of the year and have continued to fill my life with meaning throughout the year.

The Goddesses at UCC, The Fort with balikbayans George, Camille, and Jac. Jan. 2, 2006.

My Job. Being Editorial Assistant of Candy is such a great first job! I love what I do and I love the people I work with.

At the Summit Christmas party with Mia C., Ines, Mimi, and Mia F. December 14, 2005.

Reconnecting with my ASEAN friends. The SIF-ASEAN Alumni Conference in Singapore and the fellows’ visits to the Philippines allowed me to bond with them again. This proves that neither time, distance, nor culture are barriers to true friendship!

Having some sinfully good dessert at Cafe Xocolat, Eastwood with Thai friends, Gift and Neuy. December 12, 2005.

Completing the Basic Mountaineering Course and becoming a member of AMCI. It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do in my life but I defied all odds! Physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually—it has helped me to grow in all aspects of my life.

With the Happy Group at the summit of Mt. Apo. October 30, 2005.

Traveling around the country. Being able to visit more new places in the Philippines (Bicol, Palawan, Davao, Sagada, etc.) made me love and appreciate its beauty even more.

Rice Terraces near Sagada. November 27, 2005.

Ate Tinnah, my unitmates, and ACLC/CLC-P. It’s such a blessing to have people to “come home to” every week—people who understand and accept me for who I am, who listen patiently as I share my experiences, who help me put things in perspective, and who help me deepen my relationship with God.

New Year's lunch at Heaven and Eggs, Eastwood with Unit Merrily. December 31, 2005.

My Family. They have never failed to love and support me, even if I don’t get to spend as much time with them because of work and all my activities. I love them so much!!!

Family picture during the annual Mejia Christmas party. Don't you just love the hats? December 25, 2005.

Incidentally, I took this quiz at and true to Chinese New Year form, I found out that my true color is RED (which happens to be my favorite color too!). I don't think it's 100% accurate (I'm not super impulsive and I do think most of the time! In fact sometimes, I think too much! Hehehe!) but I believe it does describe a part of me. If you want to take the test too, click here!

"Your color is red, the color of racy sportscars, blushing cheeks, and luscious roses. Red symbolizes passion, romance, and love. So, since you're ruled by red, you probably trust your feelings more than your brain and tend to act spontaneously. If you see something you want, you go for it without thinking twice — impulsive is your middle name. You don't wait around for people to make decisions, either; you dive right in. Quite the romantic, you pay close attention to your emotions. In fact, if your heart isn't in what you're doing, you won't be satisfied. Of course, even when you do pour all your energy into the projects you tackle, your impetuous nature means your passions can shift as frequently as the wind. That's why some reds have trouble with commitment. Our advice? Next time you're feeling fickle, think before you act, if possible. You might be surprised at the results. Overall, though, it's great to be red. No one lives life more completely than you do."

A Happy Lunar New Year to one and all!!! Glasses

Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me! (Part II)

While trying to re-organize my messy room today, I chanced upon a small book entitled The Birth Date Book that somebody gave me for my birthday. It reveals a lot about a person based on his or her date of birth. As I was reading it, I found myself relating to it a lot. Here are some of the things the book says about people born on December 21 (i.e. ME!!!).

(Text taken from The Birth Date Book: December 21 by Joan Schweightghardt. Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, 1998. Italicized comments are mine.)

Your Astrological Sun Sign: Sagittarius
The powerful archer pulls back the taut string of his bow, sending his arrow speeding toward a specific target. Persons born under the fiery sign of Sagittarius often share this powerful directness. You have the strong will, the optimism, and the vitality to set a goal and go for it with gusto. You must achieve great things... and if it takes a little chutzpah to get there, you can usually supply that too!

As a Sagittarian, you can entertain a roomful of people with your stories, but your whimsical, restless nature rarely allows you to stay put for long… You need new terrains to conquer, and you have the intellect, the zeal, and, often, the luck to do it. (So true!)

Alphabet Soup: E, I, and P
December 21s often find that names and places beginning with the following letters become especially significant during the course of their lives: E, I, and P. For a happy wanderer like you, energy, impulsiveness, and pride will take you to exotic places: Incan ruins in Peru, rattletrap train rides through India, or Celtic stone carvings in the heart of England!

Your Magical Food: Oranges
What is the essence of an orange? Sunlight! And that’s the essence of most December 21s too. An hour spent with you can dissipate any lingering clouds of depression. Your effervescence and zest for life are as contagious as laughter. Oranges are full of Vitamin C; you are full of good cheer. Both are equally essential to good health. Perhaps this is why you are always surrounded by friends.

Flower Power: Columbine
Graceful as the columbine, tender and tenderhearted, December 21s can nearly always soothe an aching head or comfort a breaking heart. Empathetic by nature, you know by instinct when to offer assistance and, equally important, when to back off. But let’s not get too serious! You can be a healer, yes, but first things first: Where’s the party? (Haha! This sounds so like me!)

Your Secret Wish
While a desire for health and happiness for yourself and your loved ones is at the core of your being, you also yearn for flight. Some December 21s satisfy this wish by hang-gliding—or by boarding jets for exotic destinations (Does mountain climbing count?). Others prefer little excursions of the imagination in which they can envision themselves elsewhere—from Singapore to Alaska to the local beach resort!

Personality Profile
December 21s can be some of the most charming personalities in the cosmos (Thank you, thank you!) Typically, you live by the philosophy that if nothing is wrong, then everything must be right! And although you’ve had enough experience to know that things may go wrong sooner or later, you are generally willing to try to make the best of even the worst situations… Your optimism in the face of adversity gives you the gleam that makes you so attractive to others, especially those whose own inner light might be a little dimmer. (Aww, that’s why I’m the Goddess of Light!)

December 21s are generally not very good at hiding their feelings. Although you may have learned to keep your lips zipped, your facial expressions and even the smallest gestures will sometimes let the cat out of the bag. While this natural expressiveness will not get you very far at the poker table, it makes you all the more captivating in the eyes of others. (Haha! I sure hope so! More than one person has told me that when I like someone, it’s so obvious! :p)

In other words, people tend to look up to December 21s—which can sometimes feel like an awesome responsibility. But face it: You are one of the few people who truly believes that for every problem there is at least one solution—sometimes two!—even though you may not always care enough about a particular problem to probe that far. As a matter of fact, you can often be downright stubborn when you are confronted with something you absolutely don’t want to do. And getting December 21s to change their minds can be the equivalent of moving a brick wall! (Guilty as charged!)

At Play
December 21s are often too restless to participate in the kinds of activities that draw less energetic types. A couch potato you’re not—if you do let down your guard and opt for the easy chair, you probably spend half your time sitting there thinking about what you could be doing instead. (But I so love DVD marathons!)

Your busy mind strives, successfully, to be in two places at once. You can be charging full speed ahead on the treadmill at the gym and still be completely aware of the conversation going on in the corner by the water cooler. And if the conversation gets interesting, December 21s may even decide to abandon their exercising and join in on the fun! (Especially if it involves food!)

How Do You Love?
While your time is much too valuable to be spent fostering lifelong relationships with everyone you meet, when you do fall in love, your greatest desire is for lasting, honest intimacy. And December 21s hope that their mates feel the same way.

In other words, what December 21s want in a partnership is nothing less than a soul mate—and soul mates, as you probably learned early on, are not that easy to come by. Anything less will only agitate your restless nature. “Don’t look back” could be your motto; there are plenty of fish in the sea, and one of them is bound to be a keeper! (Right on!)

Courtship is the true test of any relationship. December 21s don’t necessarily require vacations to a villa on the Italian seacoast or front-row seats at the next Rolling Stones concert, but you are very alert to the little things that mean so much. (If only the guys who liked me knew this! Hehehe!)

December 21s seek out people who are: imaginative, adventurous, self-confident, freedom-loving, ebullient, and idealistic.

December 21s avoid people who are: possessive, moody, jealous, brooding, restrictive, or intolerant.

Flashback: Your Past Lives
In any past life, December 21s would have been in close connection to fire or its symbolic equivalent, creativity. It is not unlikely that your past lives included the following occupations: Poet, fire chief, fortune-teller, candle maker, speech writer, or chili picker.

So, what do you think? Let me know! Winky

Saturday, December 24, 2005

All I Want for Christmas

Angel and Bow Wow